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Anybody who has ever undertaken Oracle database tuning knows such a task is not for the faint hearted. Even the most seasoned performance analyst can spend a vast amount of time pouring over performance data in attempt to decipher its meaning. So what are the most troublesome problems people face during performance analysis?

- Where do you find the information about database performance?
- How do you make sense of the mountains of database performance metrics?
- How can you quickly evaluate performance information?
- What can you do if you are not licensed for diagnostic and performance tuning packs?
- How do you benchmark your systems performance?

RIYOSU software provides a simple solution to all of the problems mentioned above plus more. Our software product known as Speedway will streamline your journey through performance analysis as follows:

-  Speedway is embedded with the intricate knowledge of Oracle internal performance metrics.
- Speedway will analyse and present performance information in an easily decipherable manner allowing for rapid performance analysis.
- Unlike other standard Oracle performance analysis tools Speedway will evaluate performance metrics and plot the details to a time series graph over any time period you require.
- If you are not licensed for Oracles diagnostic and performance tuning packs Speedway will still provide by reverting to STATSPACK performance analysis.
- Benchmarking database performance is critical to understanding normal and abnormal activity. Speedway can baseline critical resource usage through to detailed workload base lining.

Speedway(32 bit): Per User 6-month Subscription

    Complete Database Performance Management
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