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VITALS Overview

Many people face the same set of problems when conducting database health checks:


  • What are the important things to include in my health check

  • My health check is taking up too much of my time

  • How do I fix issues found in the health check

  • Where do I find scripts for a health check

  • Hiring a database consultant for a health check is extremely expensive

  • Do I need to worry about database licensing options when running a health check

RIYOSU software provide a simple solution to all of the problems mentioned above. Our software product known as VITALS will provide you with the following:


  • Inspects 100 parts of the database responsible for maintaining healthy performance and stability

  • Initiates a complete health check at the click of a button in under 5 minutes

  • Provide context sensitive advice on every component of the database which is inspected

  • All scripts that are executed through the health check are visible within the product

  • RIYOSU products are priced extremely well. Well below our competitors

  • Also works on STATSPACK in case you are lot licensed for AWR features

  • Generate a comprehensive HTML health check report

Technical Specifications:


Cluster Balance

Cluster Errors

Cluster Latency

Wait Events

Top Wait Events

Buffer Busy Waits(By Object)

Row Lock Waits(By Object)

Trans Slot Waits(By Object)

Hit Ratios

Data Dictionary

Library Cache

Shared Pool

Buffer Cache

REDO Performance

Log Buffer Waits

Log Buffer Latching

Log Wait Times

Log Switch Frequency


General Alerts

High Water Marks

Flashback Advice

Force logging Advice

Parameter Advice


Invisible Indexes

Excessive Indexing

Insufficient Indexing

Index Usage Statistics

Top Consumers

Physical I/O(By Object)

Logical I/O(By Query)

CPU(By Query)

Physical I/O(By Query)

Sorts(By Query)

Elapsed Time(Query)

Table Scans(By Object)

Tables Scans(By Query)

File System

Ctrl File Multiplexing

Ctrl File Retention

REDO Log Multiplexing

UNDO Statistics

ASM Statistics

Files In Backup Mode

Media Recovery

Dataguard Gaps


PGA Effectiveness

Disk Sorts

Top Latches

Memory Resize Operations

Result Cache Statistics

PGA Consumption

PGA Advisor

SGA Advisor


Unusable Indexes

Invalid Objects

Disabled Constraints

SYS/SYSTEM Object violations

Missing & Stale Statistics

Row Chaining

Orphaned Synonyms

Not Null Columns

Locked Statistics

Locked Objects

Number Precision


Tablespace Space Check

Extent Space Check

Orphaned Tablespaces

Active Restore Points

TEMP Space Usage

UNDO Space Usage

Database File Count

SQL Execution

Execution plan flip-flops

Long Operations

Hard Parses

Failed Parses

PL/SQL CPU Consumption

Uncommitted Transactions

VITALS is extremely easy to use. A single form is presented which allows the database administrator to select the criteria of the health check. Once the criteria is selected the health check is started with one click of a button.

Complete Database Performance Management
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