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Products from RIYOSU focus on niche areas of the Oracle database with our primary interest zeroing in on performance management. Our expert team of developers in collaboration with Oracle Certified Masters provide stunning visual representation of Oracle's internal performance metrics.  

All RIYOSU products have a free trial period(limited functionality) and are readily available on each of the products page.

Product Availability

Speedway (Oracle Database Performance Management):

Speedway provides an intuitive and yet simple method for performing database performance management and tuning. By using the databases internal performance metric information Speedway is able to provide a graphical representation on key performance metrics.

VITALS (Oracle  Database Health Check):

The VITALS health check process will inspect various parts of the database which are responsible for maintaining healthy performance and stability. In a matter of minutes VITALS will perform a 100 point health check and provide advice on parts of the database susceptible to performance and stability issues.

Oracle SQL Fundamentals:

The "Oracle SQL Fundamentals" manual provides beginners and experts with the knowledge required to competently interact with an Oracle database.

Complete Database Performance Management
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