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Speedway Overview

Anybody who has ever undertaken Oracle database tuning knows such a task is not for the faint hearted. Even the most seasoned performance analyst can spend a vast amount of time pouring over performance data in attempt to decipher its meaning. So what are the most troublesome problems people face during performance analysis?

  • Where do you find the information about database performance?

  • How do you make sense of the mountains of database performance metrics?

  • How can you quickly evaluate performance information?

  • What can you do if you are not licensed for diagnostic and performance tuning packs?

  • How do you benchmark your systems performance?


RIYOSU software provides a simple solution to all of the problems mentioned above plus more. Our software product known as Speedway will streamline your journey through performance analysis as follows:

  • Speedway is embedded with the intricate knowledge of Oracle internal performance metrics.

  • Speedway will analyse and present performance information in an easily decipherable manner allowing for rapid performance analysis.

  • Unlike other standard Oracle performance analysis tools Speedway will evaluate performance metrics and plot the details to a time series graph over any time period you require.

  • If you are not licensed for Oracles diagnostic and performance tuning packs Speedway will still provide by reverting to STATSPACK performance analysis.

  • Bench-marking database performance is critical to understanding normal and abnormal activity. Speedway can baseline critical resource usage through to detailed workload base lining.

Standout Features:
So what is that sets Speedway apart. Speedway provides features seldom found in many of our competitors’ products:

  • Works on STATSPACK & AWR. Out of the box native Oracle tools only work on AWR.

  • Plot you delta performance metrics to a timeline graph. Standard Oracle reports only provide performance totals in text format.

  • Intuitive security browser. Demystifies the labyrinth of Oracle security DBA_views.

  • Watch your database wait events, session waits and latching in real time.

  • Plot your RAC performance and error metric to a timeline graph.

  • Get immediate tuning advice for your troublesome SQL.

  • Complete history of all database parameter changes.

  • Plus much,much more...


SQL Performance

  • Performance metrics on all SQL operations within the database.

  • Information on all sessions currently running within the database.

  • Aggregated view of performance metrics for all SQL operation within the database.

  • Information on system performance metrics to sessions, processes, memory, CPU, I/O, REDO and network traffic.

  • Oracle SQL tuning pack for SQL tuning\recommendations.

Database\Instance Performance Information

  • Provides performance and error counter metrics for ORACLE RAC.

  • Graphical representation on all database wait events.

  • Graphical representation on all database latching.

  • Real time information for database objects currently residing in the buffer cache.

  • Statistics providing hit ratio information for data dictionary, buffer cache and library cache memory structures

  • Audit Trail of all database parameter changes.

Database Browsers

  • Browser which illustrates all information related to tables, indexes, views, triggers, synonyms, directories, scheduled jobs, sequences, functions, procedures, packages and programs.

  • Browser which illustrates all information related to users, roles, profiles and tablespace quotas.

  • Browser which illustrates all information related to tablespaces and datafiles. Functionality also includes historical and forecasted growth statistics for the purpose of capacity planning.

Object Performance Metrics

  • Performance metrics on object activity pertaining to physical and logical read\write.  Functionality also includes historical and forecasted growth statistics for the purpose of capacity planning.

  • Detailed information on object activity in interactive-sortable form.

Storage Performance

  • Information on datafile read and write operations in the context of speed and volume.

  • Information on how extents and free space are structured within a datafile.

  • Information on various I/O operations within the database such as Archive logs, Buffer Cache, DBWR, Data Pump, Direct Read\Write, LGWR, Recovery, RMAN, Smartscan ,Streams.

  • Timeline of performance statistics for EXADATA and Flash events.

  • Information on recovery area usage, REDO log configuration and Archive Log generation

Speedway functionality at a glance:

Active Session History Analysis

Review active session history at the click of a button for any SQL

Wait Event Analysis

Review database wait event history or monitor in real time

Real Time Session Monitoring

Watch your database resource consumption in real time

System Wide Performance Topology

Look at your complete database wide performance metrics

Speedway System Requirements:

  • 12MB Disk Space

  • Write access to Speedway installation directory

  • Installation of Oracle SQL Client (With OLEDB drivers installed)

  • 32-Bit Speedway requires 32-Bit Oracle SQL client

  • 64-Bit Speedway requires 64-Bit Oracle SQL Client

Licensing Implications:

  • Speedway will work with STATSPACK or AWR. Usage of AWR performance metrics requires that the Oracle database licensee(You) have purchased the appropriate licenses from Oracle Corp.

  • The SQL Tuning functionality in Speedway requires the Oracle tuning pack license from Oracle Corp.

  • Once you purchase an Speedway subscription you can use it on ANY number of databases within your organisation. 


  • Speedway is extremely versatile and covers a range of Oracle version and editions. Both Standard and Enterprise edition are supported from 10g. Backward compatibility from 9i downwards is cleverly done by allowing the user to tailor the underlying scripts which query the database performance metrics.

  • Access to the underlying scripts is a huge bonus and rarely do vendors share the intelligence of their product like this. It means you also get access to hundreds of great performance scripts.

  • Not licensed to use AWR? Not a problem because it also works on STATSPACK.

Complete Database Performance Management
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