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Many people face the same set of problems when conducting database health checks:

- What are the important things to include in my health check
- My health check is taking up too much of my time
- How do I fix issues found in the health check
- Where do I find scripts for a health check
- Hiring a database consultant for a health check is extremely expensive
- Do I need to worry about database licensing options when running a health check

RIYOSU software provide a simple solution to all of the problems mentioned above. Our software product known as VITALS will provide you with the following:

- Inspects 100 parts of the database responsible for maintaining healthy performance and stability
- Initiates a complete health check at the click of a button in under 5 minutes
- Provide context sensitive advice on every component of the database which is inspected
- All scripts that are executed through the health check are visible within the product
- RIYOSU products are priced extremely well. Well below our competitors
- Also works on STATSPACK in case you are lot licensed for AWR features

VITALS(64 bit): Per User 6-month Subscription

    Complete Database Performance Management
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